Bike Idiot.

“active travel behaviour change professional”
(My day job)

Co-founder of Colchester Bike Kitchen

I live in Colchester with my wife and twin daughters.

Extra Curricular

I do these for fun.

Colchester Bike Kitchen

I founded CBK in 2015 with Pam Nelson and Stuart Welham (both sadly no longer with us) with the aim of providing a service where people could learn to look after their own bikes, or make use of tools they may not own themselves.

Since then CBK has become bigger than we’d have ever dared to dream and is now run by myself and Phin Wenlock, staffed by a volunteer team of 10 mechanics. We have a large city centre workshop stocked with amazing tools, offer bi-weekly drop-in sessions and regular classes - we are totally rushed off our feet!

Somehow this is still just a hobby.

ColVelo Cycling Club

My chosen local cycling club. I’ve been a committee member since 2017 and coordinate ride leaders for our Sunday outings.

I designed the current jersey, and design the prize t-shirts for anyone who finishes our five ‘Monument’ rides each year.

I’ve also somehow become the de-facto social secretary; regularly showing races at the local pub with charity sweepstakes. We’ve raised over £400 for various charities from chucking a few quid in the pot a couple of times of year. It’s nice.

Colchester Cycling Campaign

I’ve been a member of CCC for about 15 years with varying levels of activity. I’m currently taking a bit of a back seat. They lobby for safer cycling infrastructure and environments for everyone regardless of age, ability or anything else.

It’s not all moaning and letter writing though - we get involved in path clearing, join and promote family rides and generally like to have a nice time on our bikes.

If you think that sounds interesting, you should join.

Colchester Cycling Charter

An offshoot of our campaigning work. In 2019 we created the Charter as a way for residents, businesses, organisations and schools to show their support for the positive benefits cycling can bring to Colchester.

Since then, 52 organisations and over 500 individuals have signed the charter. You should too.

Past work

Various things i’ve done in the past. Some for money, some not.
If you’d like to pay me to do anything like this for you, slide into my DMs.

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Colchester Bike Jumble
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